Discusses Plasmacluster Technology On AC

The word “Plasmacluster” may no longer be a strange term in our ears. Sharp is one of the giant electronics companies that first introduced Plasmacluster, a new technology for the use of air conditioning or air conditioning. Plasmacluster technology is also called Negative Ion technology with product output of AC Plasmacluster or Negative Ion AC aircon servicing. This technology is an original breakthrough in the form of sanitation technology that clears or cleanses the air inhaled by releasing ions both positive and negative.

How AC Plasmacluster works is to turn off the negative air content such as fungi, viruses, dust allergens, and bacteria. Not only that, Plasmacluster technology can get rid of the unpleasant odors in the air including pet smell, kitchen smell, garbage, and cigarette smoke. It takes special care to take care of this type of air conditioner because it is important for you to choose our aircon servicing as the best air conditioning repair service.

For those who have allergic problems, AC Plasmacluster or AC Negative Ion is very powerful to disable mites, dust, until air fungus that often interfere with human breathing. Plasmacluster technology or negative ions can kill or at least weaken airborne viruses, such as influenza viruses by breaking down proteins from the virus. For your home air conditioning needs best suited for family, just consult Arjuna Electronics. With a good understanding of each brand, type, and superiority of the existing types of air conditioners, we can provide the most appropriate recommendations for the function, room size, and budget that fit your condition.