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Revolution and New Outdoor Advertising Solutions

Outdoor advertising media at this time get a big enough challenge in maintaining its existence. The use of billboards is no longer an effective way of advertising. In addition to spending big fees, disciplining billboards that violate the regulations by the government make the billboard is no longer an option to advertise, as in the past. Departing from this anxiety, a group of young people presents the concept and solution for outdoor advertising media to stay that is, car wrapping Brisbane as a Startup company that offers outdoor advertising solutions that are much different from billboards, the ads run through the car and can be measured effectiveness through the use of technology. car wrapping Brisbane provides a solution in advertising for businesses in the form of ads affixed to the car, so the ad can walk anywhere. In this way, we want to get each brand closer to their target audience.

Car wrapping Brisbane offers 3 variants of sticker type to advertisers, ie full wrap, panel wrap, and rear window wrap. Not just cars, these ads can also be digitally monitored by advertisers through apps displaying their campaign dashboards.