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How to Convince the Online Consumer Shop?

As we know that in the business of buying and selling online prospective buyers and sellers cannot meet face to face directly. In general, communication is done via chat (Phone, SMS, YM, BBM, Line, Whatsapp etc.). In buying and selling online, of course, there are different ways that sellers should be done in convincing consumers. One of them is a convincing ad. By utilizing the current digital era, it would be better if you advertise your products or services via the internet with the help of Craigslist Posting Service to be more optimal. Apart from that, here are the short tips!

1. Personal Greetings
Greeting consumers with personal greetings will have an impact on the person feeling valued. In any situation, a sense of appreciation for one’s existence provides a very influential role in communication. You can ask first what the name is, then use the greeting like sir/miss before naming. Believe it or not, someone will give a different response when his name is called the subject of a chat rather than just calling a common greeting.

2. Find Information and Offer Help
Once you’ve asked your name, continue by offering help. Seek out information from potential customers about their needs. You can ask about the product in general and detailed details. Suppose you sell men’s shoes, they can ask questions about the shoe model, color, and size of shoes desired by consumers. Dig as much information as you can, you can also ask what kind of shoes to buy.