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Nostalgia Technology Era

An ancient passage says, without history, there will be no such thing as the future. So it is with technology. Without a discovery in the past, there are no modern goods as now. Humans may argue, modern life is the culmination of civilization. But in truth, humans cannot forget the history, even the survival of today cannot be separated from the events of the past. More advanced technology indeed. Starting from the 30th audio tape, the first technology exhibited at the Berlin Radio Show in 1935 to recognize radio tape. Then entering popular in the era of 50 to 60, the camera began to emerge as a pioneer initiated by Kodak. Creating Instamatic, where the camera movie should be rolled up before capturing the image. Over the years, technology can no longer be avoided even today some people choose to make unique conversions by finding old movies from 1980 then convert them to get a clearer picture. If you want the best conversion, you can get it to us ie convert super 8 to digital.

Photography was very popular in the 1950s and in early 1960 the camera actually made the film role as a standardization of the product and the popularity of film cameras rolls ten films to follow even developed Japanese SLR with 35 mm film. The film is already the most sophisticated of its time and the film is then popular by displaying slideshow images, no longer printed and even popular use is often used at night party events.